100% of our products are grown, farmed and manufactured in the great state of Oregon. Our core mission is not only to provide superior relief, but also use top quality ingredients in our product, making sure our bodies are receptive in getting everything it needs.


The Oregon Department of Agriculture is widely praised for its
regulatory and farming savvy and works to ensure that hemp farmers
understand the rules and best practices for hemp cultivation
and harvesting.

Oregonians grow more hemp than any other state. Farmers planted
more than 46,219 acres as of May 2019, up from 7,808 acres in 2018—an increase of more than 500%.

All hemp-derived CBD products sold in Oregon will carry labels guaranteeing their CBD
content, in the same fashion as marijuana products having THC-concentration labels.
 As a result, all hemp products will have food-grade quality and will be tested for pesticides
and contaminants, positioning Oregon for potential national dominance on the hemp market.


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Oregon State University announced the launch of the Global Hemp Innovation Center,
the largest hemp research organization in the U.S. “with 40 faculty across 19
disciplines conducting research in 10 locations across the state and four locations
around the world in Asia and Europe,”


We have customers from all professions that look to us to provide relief when they need it the most. We are devoted to providing quality organic products that make you #feelgood. Don't let your aches and pains stop you from living life.


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